{friday finds}

5 Nov

happy friday to all!!! it has been quite a long long week. work, work, work, and more work!! not complaining — just sayin i’m happy the weekend is here….

i love love love this

the most beautiful bouquet i have seen in a while

i know it isn’t even thanksgiving yet, but, these are too cute for words

a more sophisticated take on a nostalgic breakfast my dad and i would prepare using a family secret recipe! {very hush hush}

i think i know who i will get requests from on this i’m smiling at you L

i want to put this on the office walls, just to spruce up my background

as much as i love sweets, i love bread {and i love san francisco}

this weather, weird as it is in november, makes me long for the beaches in malaga, spain in the summer

N's Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

to all the october/november birthdays {there are quite a few for me in that little stretch of time}, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Mimi!!

One Response to “{friday finds}”

  1. Nicole 5.17.10 at 4:01 pm #

    OMG! I know that cake – I wish it kept mulitiplying so I could keep eating it. Sooo soo good! Rraaawwwrr!!

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