{eat, drink, PINK!}

19 Nov

This weekend we were invited to the Eat, Drink, PINK! event in Orange County. Please stop by our booth and try some free samples of our mini cupcakes.

The event runs from 4-6p Saturday, November 20 at the Access Media Building in Fountain Valley. For more information, go here or here

Now for your baker’s dozen….

this cake reminds me of Don McLean’s song Vincent

not that simple

mushroom soup i can get behind

as a little girl, with my change, i would buy Star Wars picture books and stickers for my brother, through our school. these he should by for me!

too funny to pass up

i absolutely love her….

i think we should all be taking some pointers here for next week

substitute turkey for the leftover meals, after thanksgiving

now this is a periodic table i can enjoy memorizing…

my go to in culinary school

great when you aren’t sure what is in season….i never know what’s a good time for what!!

here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend. don’t forget to do your thanksgiving day food shopping early. I’m so giddie thinking about all the food….i just might have to have a pre-thanksgiving, thanksgiving!

for now, i want to remind everyone of the Eat, Drink, PINK! event going on tomorrow night in the OC. come out and support us. it was a blast last time we were there, and it will be even better this time!!!

happy weekend…


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