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24 May

While watching the movie, Chocolat, this weekend, I was inspired to imagine a wedding centered around chocolate.

Invitation and table at the wedding:

A rustic setting with warm chocolate touches. The invitation is reminiscent of a chocolate foil wrapper…..

Pictures courtesy of Wedding Bee

Bridesmaids would wear a chocolate satin sleeveless dress. The groomsmen wear a little whimsy on their lapels with a candy inspired boutonnière.

Pictures courtesy of Wedding Bee, Vogue, Flickr

A non-traditional wedding dress in creamy pink and vibrant plum……

Pictures courtesy of Vogue

An intimate and romantic ceremony……

Picture courtesy of Wedding Bee

Delicate and simple, the cake is white chocolate inside and out. Chocolate cigarette curls decorate the outside while white chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream fill the inside.  A simple yet sophisticated cake.

Homemade chocolates for the wedding guests to take home as favors……

Courtesy of Miss. Sweetcakes