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{friday finds}

5 Nov

happy friday to all!!! it has been quite a long long week. work, work, work, and more work!! not complaining — just sayin i’m happy the weekend is here….

i love love love this

the most beautiful bouquet i have seen in a while

i know it isn’t even thanksgiving yet, but, these are too cute for words

a more sophisticated take on a nostalgic breakfast my dad and i would prepare using a family secret recipe! {very hush hush}

i think i know who i will get requests from on this i’m smiling at you L

i want to put this on the office walls, just to spruce up my background

as much as i love sweets, i love bread {and i love san francisco}

this weather, weird as it is in november, makes me long for the beaches in malaga, spain in the summer

N's Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

to all the october/november birthdays {there are quite a few for me in that little stretch of time}, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Mimi!!


{friday finds}

13 Aug

happy friday to all….

I have a busy busy weekend planned. My father-in-law is turning 71 this weekend and I have a big surprise for him! D {my husband} and I are hard at work trying to make a wonderful surprise for him this weekend….we can’t wait to see how he likes it. For now, though, only a funny picture {above} for a hint! {Apologies for the poor quality, camera phones…eh!}

a few interesting things this week….
very few people know this about me, but, I have an obsessively passionate love affair appreciation with paper. So I’m dedicating this {friday finds} to paper, my lover!!

i want to put this on everything i own

i like to decorate my office desk with these to always have a bloom

i {heart} my card garden

Picture of the week!

such amazing things that can be done with paper and an imagination

as much as i {heart} paper i {HEART} ranunculus flowers

i love this color from pomlove

just ordered mine…don’t tell D

my eyes got so excited with all the colors…i love this idea for color swatches! don’t tell D that it is in my wish list…

if i ever need to go incognito!

here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend…

Happy Friday

6 Aug

Starting this week I will be adding a new segment to my blog, Friday Finds. I’m working on a couple of things, everything is still very hush hush – {very CIA}! Here‘s a sneak peek. More information to come….

Here are some interesting finds this week:

I don’t think my thoughts can fit in these little guys, but, I can try! They are so darn adorable…

I can’t wait to try this salad on a summer weekend. Something fresh and easy…just remember – hot, sour, salty, and sweet! (bet you can’t say that 5 times)

Adorable! I just need need an event to wear it to. Maybe just around the house!

Sweetest reunion…I love you franklin!

I think I can count on one hand how many I’ve read off the list. How about you?!

Unbelievable photography….

Love these invitations, fun and colorful. I will definitely be using this as inspiration for my next cake!

Green way of wrapping…Great DIY project

Every amateur and professional pastry chef should look into helping out however they can. Such an amazing way to bring a smile to a child’s face!

Have a great weekend…lots to do! Can’t wait to show you a sneak peek of what I’m doing, next week.