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{the showdown}

9 Nov

This past September, our Miss. Sweetcakes team was invited to The Orange County Cupcake Showdown 2010, along with seven other bakeries in the area. The event was hosted at the Access Media building in Fountain Valley and sponsored by Hello Drama. It was an AMAZING turn out! I couldn’t believe the crowd. We served up our Peanut Butter cupcake, a Vanilla Framboise cupcake, and the famous S’more cupcake.

Pictures of the event

{our s'more cupcakes on display - photos by Christopher Victorio}

{our team warming up the mallow - photos by Christopher Victorio}

We had so much fun participating in our first Cupcake Competition. My thumb is only starting to recover from the multiple s’more cupcakes I had to torch! But, it was all worth it….

Here are some more pictures we took of the Showdown –

peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam cupcakes

showin' off the merch!!

very popular s'more cupcakes